9 Piece Soap Review


This is a really strong smelling soap upon arrival. The soaps do have individual scents, but they do seem to blend a little bit together. I know smelling them together for too long gives me a headache, but individually they are actually quite pleasant. I think my nose just doesn’t know what to do when there are so many scents rushing to make themselves known.

This comes in an extremely cute little box, with a magnetic clasp. At least I assume it’s magnetic, it acts like it and I am not going to take it apart to find out! After you open that, you will get the rush of scents to your nose, but the rush is at its highest when you cut the little seal on the paper and fold the paper back. Your eyes will also be delighted by the arrangement, there are 9 pieces of soap loose in the box, but the way they are arranged they don’t really move. The paper and seal also made sure that they didn’t move out of place. So you see 9 pieces of soap arranged in the box.

Each piece of soap is actually a lot bigger than I was expecting. A bar of soap should last a household quite a while, and since there are 9, that means every room that needs soap can have a bar, and you’ll still have some left over! That is, unless you have a house that has more than 9 in combination of bathroom, kitchen and possibly laundry room. Overall, the soap seems do well at cleaning and it does smell pleasant when you take a piece out by itself. The biggest reason I am docking one star is the fact that when you first open it, and for a few days after separating them, they still have a very strong scent. The scent of the soap does become more mild after a few days but it still is quite heavy before then.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this 9 piece soap set for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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