Birthstone Necklace Review

Birthstone Necklace by Western Frontier Review

Birthstone Necklace Color Pendant

Western Frontier

My birthstone is sapphire. So naturally, I chose the vivid blue sapphire as my birthstone necklace on the listing. I want to start by saying, this is more a choker than a necklace. When I think of a necklace, I think of something that drapes down and at least goes a little bit past my collar bone.

The Amazon listing does have all 12 months listed (although they are in alphabetical, not chronological order). It comes in 2 other colors besides the birthstones, aurora boreal and vitrial medium. Both are stones that change color depending on the lighting.

Birthstone Necklace by Western Frontier Review

The birthstone necklace that I received, September is very pretty in my opinion. It also has a hefty weight to it. I was expecting this necklace to be dainty and frail, but no, this necklace fills up a good portion of my palm and feels very solid.

Birthstone Necklace by Western Frontier Review

The chain that the necklace comes with is as I said, more a choker length than a necklace length. I do like the chain though, except for one little part. The chain link that is in the back, that is supposed to help keep the back of the necklace in the back (I don’t know the correct terminology) has a little bit of a snag. It was a pretty easy fix, but one of the links look liked it was not supposed to be there. It had been clipped yet was still attached to the chain, causing two little points to jut from it. I found it easy enough to remove but I just wanted to caution on it before you wear it, it can be a bit prickly if you happen to have one with an extra little bit of link that should have been removed.

Birthstone Necklace by Western Frontier Review

Overall, it is a very beautiful birthstone necklace. It has a hefty weight to it, and it is a decent size. The chain is more choker length than necklace length. I do definitely recommend this, the September necklace that I received is absolutely gorgeous and pictures do not do it justice.

You can check out the birthstone necklace by Western Frontier on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this birthstone necklace from Western Frontier at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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