Collapsible Wine Flasks Review

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

Collapsible Wine Flasks and Accessories

Sold By: Jokel Products

The collapsible wine flasks made by Jokel are a very beautiful red color. I love the fact that the wine flasks also come with accessories, namely, I love the funnel. It does come with a multi-purpose tool, with a knife and a corkscrew. Below is the packaging that it came in.

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

Below I have everything laid out that comes in the listing on Amazon. I do want to point out how flat the funnel is right now. The very tip of the funnel does stick out a little bit, but it is otherwise pretty flat.

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

On to the meat of the review. Pictured below are the two wine flasks that come in the set. Each one has a screw on top and can hold 750 mL of liquid. A lot of wine bottles do actually come in 750 mL, but this can be used for any liquid. If you want water, or some other liquid to take with you, this would certainly be a lot easier to pack and carry around than a couple of bottles of water of the same (or relative) volume.

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

Next, pictured below is the funnel. Is is a very vivid blue and is easy to pop out and pop back together. It does have a little piece sticking out on the edge of the fattest part to allow you to clip the funnel to something.

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

Finally, the last piece in the set is the multi-purpose tool. It has a corkscrew, a knife, a bottle opener on either end. The knife is pretty sharp and the cork screw works well. I did share a bottle of wine with my husband over the course of a few days, and we used the collapsible wine flasks to store the wine in-between meals so that way it wouldn’t roll around like it normally does in the refrigerator.

Collapsible Wine Flasks & Accessories

Overall, I really like the set. Two flasks that hold a nice amount of liquid (does not have to be wine), a multi-purpose tool, and a collapsible funnel. Great for on-the-go. I would definitely recommend this little set.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive these collapsible wine bottles for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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