Colored Paper Review

Colored Paper Review


Tissue Paper-Craft Paper-Colored Paper Larger-19 2/3″ X 29 1/2″-Heavier Thicker (21GSM)-More colors 25 vibrant colors-100 Sheets Paper Crafts Pack in Bulk-Gift Wrap

By: Aspicio Products

Sold By: Redsigben

Colored Paper Review

This is some pretty solid colored paper. Included in this one small package is 25 colors and 100 total sheets of colored paper. It is sized at 29 3/2″ X 19 1/2″, which means it is perfect for using as stuffing in a gift bag, or to even wrap smaller presents.

Each sheet is pretty durable and allows for a lot more force to be applied than I was expecting. It does still get the rumpled look when used as gift wrapping, but it is definitely durable enough to be able to be used as such.

Personally, I like using bags and fluffing up the rest of the bag with this paper. Still no tearing, but the crinkly and fluffy aspect of the paper is ripe for filling in all that extra space and adding flair to a bag.

Overall, I have enjoyed using this colored paper and as of right now, would definitely recommend it. I always seem to have some event that I need to wrap a gift for, so having this on hand to quickly wrap something or add a little bit of flair to a gift bag is extremely nice.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this colored paper at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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