Construction Toy Tools Review

Construction Toy Tools Review

The construction toy tools are pretty cute. It comes with 4 screws, 4 nuts, 2 plates, 1 multi-tool, a file, and construction apparel. The construction apparel consists of a nose mask, goggles, and a construction hat. Each piece barring the two tools is a very bright yellow, fitting with the construction theme. The handle for the file is red, and the multi tool is gray. The four screws are black and the 4 nuts are gray.

Construction Toy Tools – The Apparel

Construction Hat

Construction Toy Tools Review - Hat

The construction hat does not have really any way to secure onto the child (or adult’s head) but it does seem to stay somewhat well. I know it makes it easy for my twins to take it off of each other’s heads though!

Construction Goggles

Construction Toy Tools Review - Goggles

These looked so cute on both my twins. But I think what elicited the greatest of laughs was when I wore this, they both could not stop laughing at me. It was a snug fit around my head, definitely suited for more of a toddler sized head such as my twins, but it definitely fit well. Easy to see out of, but smudges a little bit easier than I expected.

Construction Mask

Construction Toy Tools Review - Mask

This was a piece that we had fun with. We did more “Star Wars” impersonations than anything else with this mask, I think the concept of this was more funny for the adults, both of my toddlers were just kind of confused over this piece.

Construction Toy Tools – The Tools


Construction Toy Tools Review - Plates

The plates gives a way to secure the screws and nuts once they have been tightened. The perfect size, and the plates allow for multiple combinations with the screws instead of just 4 holes to equal the 4 screws. I will say, the rectangular plate was a little bit bent upon arrival, but it did not affect the play ability of the plates.

Screws and Nuts

Construction Toy Tools Review - Screws and Nuts

There are 4 screws and 4 nuts. I have only 3 nuts pictured because my cat decided one of them was a toy and who knows where it ended up. So I can say that this set has been fun for the entire family, because not only did the toddlers and the parents have fun, but the cat had fun losing pieces for us!


Construction Toy Tools Review - Multi-Tool

The multi-tool has 3 ends. A flat head, a Phillips, and another end. I’d never really dealt with the third end, but my husband says it’s the same style as if you were changing a tire (something I have not ever really done). All 3 ends worked well with the screws and the nuts  and the handles were short, perfect for little toddlers’ hands.


Construction Toy Tools Review - File

This piece is more for show than anything else. It does have a bit of a scritchy noise to it when my finger nail is run along it, but other than that, it is just a pretty little piece of plastic. The file does detach from the handle, but it truly is the odd piece out in this set.

Overall, it has been a nice set, I know the twins have enjoyed playing with it (with supervision) and the adults, even the cat have enjoyed it too. I do recommend this set.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive these construction toy tools at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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