Exercise Ball – the Forever Flex

Live Infinity Exercise Ball


This is truly a sturdy exercise ball. The exercise ball from Forever Flex, the Live Infinity, is an exercise ball that is perfect for recreational use or just for improving balance. I like to use this when I’m sitting at the desk or table, it helps keep my core tighter.

Airing up this beast can be a little daunting. Even between my husband and I it took a solid 20 minutes. A little trick for this. Air this up with your lungs like you would a balloon, it is something we should have done. Something my husband thought to do after we had been trying for 10 minutes. 3 minutes of blowing air into it, and it was most of the way aired after that, just needed 7 more minutes of pumping and trying to get the plug in before it deflated too much to get it to the desired tension.

Sitting on the exercise ball is no easy task for those who are vertically challenged, aka clumsy. My husband and I both have issues with balance, it didn’t help that the first time either of us tried to sit on this we were both in stitches laughing. Getting used to it though came quickly. I actually enjoy using this as a chair, it forces me to sit up straight and it’s actually comfortable to sit on. Also, I can roll where I want to go.

When I’m not sitting on this, my twins love to play with this. They bat it back and forth. Also, this ball is incredibly bouncy, it is able to clear three feet without any effort, a simple toss will get that. Applying force makes the ball rocket into the air, much to the giggles and delight of my twins.

Overall, I really enjoy this. It is a pain to get it aired up but it holds the air well. It also is good for more than just exercise and improving balance, it is something my twins love, a big bouncy ball.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this exercise ball for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Live Infinity Exercise Ball

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Exercise Ball – the Forever Flex
  1. Amanda says:

    This sounds like a good one!

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