Kids Robe for Boys Review

Kids Robe for Boys Review

I did get the size 3-6, and my twins are obviously not that size. Currently (in the pictures) my twins are 19 months old, and about 31-32 inches in height. The robe drapes across the bottom of their feet when standing, and the sleeves are too long. But I have 2 19 month old boys, not 2 36 month old boys (3 year old boys), so that is completely understandable. The feeling of the robe is incredible soft and plush. It amazes me how different microfiber can feel when used in different ways (ie a cloth diaper microfiber insert does not feel like this robe, at least I’ve never felt an insert this plush or soft).


The robe does have a thicker part near the neck to make a nice, fluffy collar. The shoulders width actually fit a lot better than I expected, but there was definitely a ton of room for an older child to expand in.

What made me chuckle a little is that this robe has little loops along the waist for the tie. I have them in my robe, but I did not know if a little kids robe would be deemed as needing them. Well, they’re there, and the tie for the robe is incredibly long, and made out of the same soft and plush material.


Overall, I’ve been pretty impressed with this robe, and I do plan on buying another so that when bath time is done, instead of waiting for one to be done with the robe while the other is still in the water, I can give them both a soft and fuzzy robe to wear.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE. If you want the girls counterpart (with coral, royalty blue, pink and white as options) you can find that HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this kids robe at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Kids Robe for Boys Review

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