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I want to give a first impression of the nail art brushes vs a later impression. I really liked how these nail brushes look at first, they had an interesting design painted on them, the base was wide while near the brush tips it was narrow. The brush tips were a little crunchy but easily softened up. They worked perfectly for several times at creating interesting designs. I am hoping I got a bad batch, because my later impressions of this nail art brush set changed drastically.

When I got the nail art brush set out to get some pictures, I noticed that there was some paint that had flaked off onto my chair. All I had done was remove them from their little bag and put it on my chair’s arm. That was not too big of an issue, yes I liked the design that was painted on, but as long as the brushes still did the functionality that they were supposed to, I would have been completely happy with them. However, the metal part distancing the wooden handle from the bristles also started popping off. It is easy enough to pop back on, but I do want to caution that they can do that with very little force (I just set down the brushes and then picked them back up and noticed one had popped off). Putting it back on was quite easy to do, and the metal piece pops on and off the wooden handle with very little force.

Back to a positive, I do like the fact that these brushes all come covered with a tip protector. All the tips and bristles were in perfect condition upon arrival, and allow for easy storage of the nail brushes.

Overall, I would recommend these, but I am hoping that mine was a bad batch and that others do not have the paint flaking and metal part popping off like I did.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this nail art brush set for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Below are some pictures from the Amazon listing, which is how the brushes looked upon arrival.

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