Pepper Grinder by Ozeri Review

Ozeri Pepper Grinder Review (full of peppercorn)

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The Ozeri pepper grinder is an electric grinder that has 3 settings. The pepper grinder takes 6 AAA batteries, which you can access or change by taking off the top piece by twisting. After you get inside just squeeze the two pieces that are sticking out at the bottom to pull the battery compartment out. Be careful when replacing the newly changed batteries back into the body of the grinder, the button is very sensitive and will set off if bumped.

Ozeri Pepper Grinder Review (the grinder)

The grinder does hold a decent amount of peppercorn. I was actually surprised at how much it could hold. The compartment is easy enough to fill, and you can easily see when you are getting close to being full. I would recommend leaving a little more space than you would think since you need to reattach the top to the compartment, and the two pieces that you use to pull the battery compartment out do stick out a bit from the bottom.

The grinder does not sit entirely flat when upright, the grinder sticks out just a tiny bit. It does manage to stand up though, it just is a little bit wobbly.

Changing the different settings for the grinding, whether you want fine grounds or rougher, large pieces, is dictated by the little silver push pieces on the side below the glass compartment. I personally prefer the smallest setting, but the larger does have its perks. When switching between the settings I would recommend turning the grinder upside down, running it for a second or two, then shaking out the bits that have been ground. The grinder does not want to switch settings if there is peppercorn stuck between the part that grinds, and doing what I mentioned helps clear it so that you can switch it pretty easily.

Ozeri Pepper Grinder Review (full of peppercorn)

Below is pictured the peppercorn that has been ground by the Ozeri pepper grinder. It does have the three different settings all shown in the glass. It really is simple to operate, and the button pushes very easily and starts spitting out the ground pepper pretty quickly.

Ozeri Pepper Grinder Review (the ground pepper)

Overall, I definitely would recommend this pepper grinder. I do want to mention, it does seem somewhat stubborn sometimes getting it to come apart, for say changing the battery or adding more peppercorns, but other than that, I wholeheartedly recommend this. I have not had it very long to see how long the batteries last, but if it is an issue, I would recommend using rechargeable batteries, especially since you use 6 AAA batteries at a time.

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Disclaimer: I did receive this Ozeri pepper grinder for freeĀ in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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