PLI Travel Set Review

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

Perfect Life Ideas Inflatable Travel Pillow Set for Her

Includes Inflatable Neck Pillow – Earplugs to Reduce Background Noise – Eye Mask, Travel Slippers – Perfect for Airplane Travel Trips Hospitals

Traveling can get uncomfortable at times, and there definitely needs to be some little comforts that can be easily taken along. The travel set that I received allows that perfectly. Everything fits in a neat and tidy little bag. Below, you can see the slippers that are included in the travel set. They do have a slight left and right foot feel to them, and they arrive folded to fit in the bag. They fit my feet rather well, which I have about a size 9 in Women’s (depending on the brand) foot, so I think the slippers fit about that size pretty well. The bottoms of the slippers do have a bit of a texture to them, so I am not slipping and sliding while walking around on tile.

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

Next is the eye mask. This a pretty simple little eye mask, no bells or whistles to it other than it has two straps to go around the head. It is a little bit snug for me, but it does work well, and since there is a strap that goes underneath my ear and above my ear, it stays pretty secure. The lack of bells and whistles helps it be extremely compact and go in the pouch for the entire travel set quite easily.

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

Next comes the inflatable travel pillow. This took me only a few breaths to air up completely, and it was simple enough to plug it afterwards. Deflating it was pretty simple to do as well, making it easy to put back in the pouch that it came in. It has a soft texture to it, and the fact that you are inflating it with only a few breaths makes it extremely easy to get the custom squishyness that you desire. I personally like a little more of a firm pillow (that has been blown up) than a squishy one, but it does feel pretty comfortable when aired up about 3/4 of the way with air.

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

Finally, pictured is the elusive pouch. Also, on top of the pouch are the ear plugs that the set comes with. The two ear plugs come in a little baggy, which I had not opened to show how they actually arrive. When squishing them through the bag, they did feel a little bit more firm than ear plugs I have used before, but they did expand at a decent rate, making them really nice for using. Hard to believe the slippers, the pillow, the eye mask and the ear plugs all fit inside that little pouch, but indeed they did.

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

Overall, would I recommend this? Yes I would. It is a nice little travel set, that gives some luxuries that can be taken anywhere, and they are very pretty to look at to boot.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this travel set for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Perfect Life Ideas Travel Set Review

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