Pop Goes Lullaby 5 Review

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This is a really interesting mix. I mean, you have pop songs that you would never really consider to be lullaby material, turned into lullabies. As I am writing this, I think I’ve yawned about 3 times so far already. It is really effective at lulling someone into a state of wanting to crawl under the covers and sleep. Yet, you still here the song and you hum along while thinking the words. This is perfect for my twins, they love listening to lullaby CDs, and I had this playing and yep, straight to sleep. Now to wrap this up and go take a little siesta myself, I love this album!

You can check out this on Amazon HERE. Some other places you can check this album out are: their websiteiTunesBandcampSpotify and Google Play.

Disclaimer: I did receive this digital album for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Pop Goes Lullaby 5 Review
  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds like something that would definitely work

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