Prextex Easter Eggs Review

Prextex Easter Eggs Review

Prextex Easter Eggs filled with Wind Up Toys And Easter Candy

By: Prextex

Sold By: Kids To discover

The presentation of these little eggs is definitely cute. They have the “Hoppity surprise” on the front, with the toys visible, nestled atop the little bags of candy. Prextex Easter eggs are a perfect little gift for a young one to receive. It comes packaged in a little egg so it is all ready for Easter egg hunting. It is easy enough to open the eggs to get to the toy inside. Also, the little bag of candy is sealed apart from the toy, so no issues of the toy getting sticky even in warmer weather.

Prextex Easter Eggs Review

The contents of the egg are pretty simple. The toy sits atop the bag of candy. The bag of candy is sealed, holding a small handful of hard Easter shaped candies. The toy itself is a simple windup toy that hops around in a random manner, certainly not in a straight line.

Prextex Easter Eggs Review

Overall, I think the Prextex Easter eggs are a cute way to give a little one several cute hopping toys, and a small portion of candy. The packaging and the eggs themselves are vibrant and colorful, as are the toys and the candy inside. The candy is packaged in its own little bag so there is no worry of the toy getting sticky due to the candy. I like the variety of toys that come with this, there are two rabbits that I received and a chick, meaning this would work for both boys and girls.

I do definitely recommend this, it is absolutely adorable and my twins went nuts over the little toys (although due to their age parents’ kept the little candies to themselves).

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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