PS4 Charging Station Review

PS4 Charging Stand Review


Overall, this does definitely work as a PS4 charging station. It also cools the PlayStation 4 with fans. It provides extra USB ports to plug into. It has two docks for charging controllers. Overall, it definitely works as a charging stand, there are just a few tweaks that could be made.

The base itself is really sturdy, with no extra pieces that need to pop into place, you just have the base and the cable to connect the charging station to the PlayStation 4. If you were to want to go directly through a wall adapter you could do that as well, you just would lose out on the extra USB ports that the PS4 charging station provides. The USB cord that is provided is the one major thing that I would tweak, instead of having it be a regular USB cable, have it have a right angle at the end to help it lay flush against the PS4, thus becoming more visually appealing.

PS4 Charging Stand Review

The three USB ports are evenly spaced and allow for three devices to easily plug into the PlayStation 4 charging station. They are at the front end of the PS4 charging station, so there is no reaching back behind and stabbing until you get into the hole, it is right there and easy enough to put the USB item in it.

PS4 Charging Stand Review

The two fans that are inside the PlayStation 4 charging stand are relatively quiet, no louder than any of the other electronics currently gracing that area of the room. They however can be turned off if you decide that they are too noisy.

The two docks for the PS4 controllers allow for one controller on each side of the PlayStation 4. It does take a little bit of getting used to, lining up the controller to the charging dock. There is no way to visually see what you are doing, so it is like blindly trying to find the port on my phone in the dark with my USB charging cable. After multiple times doing so though, it does get a lot easier to find the right area to slide it in.

PS4 Charging Stand Review PS4 Charging Stand Review PS4 Charging Stand Review

Overall, I definitely think this a nice way to get your PS4 propped up and add some USB ports to your PlayStation 4.  I do recommend this, but I would suggest getting a right angle USB cable to use with this if you can.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this PS4 charging stand for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

PS4 Charging Stand Review

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