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MakeEmLaugh Shot Glass Review


There are several shot glasses I want to talk about in this post. The first is a shot glass perfect for one of my friends, but not so much for me. The other is a shot glass that every Harry Potter fan would definitely love to add to their collection.

1995 Happy 21st Shot Glass

A glass to commemorate the ones born in 1995. Sadly, I am turning the ripe old age of 23 this year so this shot glass does not apply to me. However, I have plenty of friends who could use this. It actually is a gift that I will be giving to my friend, eager to turn 21 this year, 2016. The shot glass itself is really sturdy and can take a few knocks, it doe show finger prints rather easily.

MakeEmLaugh Shot Glass Review 1995 Happy 21st

Polyjuice Potion Assume Form Shot Glass

Polyjuice potion, the first potion that is really known in the Harry Potter world. The Polyjuice potion is a potion to alter one’s appearance, or to in essence, change oneself. This allows the person to do that, because alcohol is known to be a very big factor in helping to ease restrictions normally placed on oneself. Plus, it is a reference to Harry Potter, so what adult in my age range, their 20’s, would not love to have a shot glass like that? I have really loved using this even for apple juice, it always makes me smile and the shot glass is the perfect size to throw back a swallow, so when I need that sip of juice on the go, I can definitely turn to my Polyjuice potion assume form shot glass.

MakeEmLaugh Shot Glass Review PolyJuice Potion Assume Form

You can check out the “1995 Happy 21st” shot glass on Amazon HERE.

You can check out the “Polyjuice Potion Assume Form” shot glass on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive these shot glasses for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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