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Simply Earth Lemon essential oil


The Simply Earth Lemon essential oil smells amazing. If you want a clean scent to your house, I would suggest diffusing this for an hour or two. This almost smells like a lemon head, which I never would have thought an essential oil would smell like a piece of candy before I sniffed a lemon essential oil for the first time. The Simply Earth Lemon essential oil is no different. It very much reminds me of a piece of candy if I waft the scent from the bottle to my nose.

However, when you diffuse this, it at least to me smells more like cleaner, which is a scent that brings forth strong images in my mind of a house sparkling with exuberant cleanness. I actually got to test this out really well this past week, I left something in the oven a bit too long and it was very smoky, and well, stinky. When I diffused the Simply Earth Lemon essential oil, not only did the smell go away a lot quicker than if I just opened the windows, but the entire house smelled lemony fresh.

Lemon essential oil is one of those oils you want to limit diffusing in excess however, because too much exposure to lemon essential oil, like Simply Earth Lemon essential oil, can cause a sensitivity to the sun. I haven’t noticed this, but I do want to caution. I don’t diffuse this on a regular basis for that exact reason.

Overall, I’ve been pretty pleased with this Simply Earth Lemon essential oil, and I think that it works well in my house, especially when I leave something in the oven too long and make my entire house stink…

You can check out this on Amazon HERE or their own website HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this lemon essential oil for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Simply Earth Lemon essential oil

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