Skinny Ties for Men Review

Skinny Ties Review (Single Tie)

Mens Wedding Tie Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5

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Skinny Ties are useful for many occasions. One being an event where someone would need to coordinate ties might be a wedding. I did choose the black color because that goes the best with my husband’s day to day doings. However, having 5 ties of a solid color, ranging from apple green, bridal pink, orange and even seafoam, the variety of colors is astounding.

Skinny Ties Review (Lot)

The ties come with a rubber band around them to keep them together, but it does not wrinkle them. Above are the five skinny ties that I received when they were still in the packaging and together. Below is a single tie still in the packaging, which shows how the tie is double on itself while inside the plastic sleeve.

Skinny Ties Review (Single Tie in Packaging)

The tie once out of the packaging is extremely soft and well-made. The tie gives off a nice sheen while sliding across the finger tips. Personally, I like having 5 of the same tie for the pure fact that when my husband needs a tie to go with something, he usually spends more time matching a tie to his outfit than he does picking out the outfit. A plain, sleek black tie goes with just about everything though. He can keep one in the car, one at his office at work, one in his suitcase and the others at home, at the ready.

Skinny Ties Review (Single Tie)

I did want to show the huge variety of colors that are available on the Amazon page below.

This image was found on Amazon at:

This image was found on Amazon

Overall I have definitely been impressed with the quality of the ties, and I love the fact that you can either order 5 of one color, or you can customize it so you can choose 5 completely colors if you want. I do definitely recommend these.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive these skinny ties at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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