Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Review

Slim Sleeper Review


The Slim Sleeper is perfect for someone like me, who sleeps on their stomach. I am constantly trying to find a new pillow because it never fails, one I like starts to go flat. I like to have support underneath my head, and not feel like I’m sleeping with nothing. This gives my head enough support, while not propping it up in an annoying fashion.

Perks of this particular pillow:

  1. Stays cool to the touch
  2. Flat
  3. Supportive
  4. Regular pillow sized
  5. Makes excellent pillow topper when side sleeping

The Slim Sleeper Stays Cool to the Touch

This pillow is perfect for those who heat up, I haven’t had any issues while using this pillow with overheating. It does get a little warm after being laid upon for a while, but it’s not hot like a regular pillow would get.

The Slim Sleeper is Flat

The fact that it is flat means that is perfect for those who sleep either on their back or their front. I personally usually sleep on my stomach, and it cushions my face well. My husband however, sleeps on his back most of the time. To test this out, we one at a time swapped out our old pillow for this one. I felt supported while on my stomach and he had a gentle support when he was laying on his back.

The Slim Sleeper is Supportive

As I just mentioned, this is extremely supportive. This pillow is very slim, after all, it is the Slim Sleeper. It does not do well on its own for side sleepers, but it does do well for supporting the head at a nice angle for those who sleep on their backs or their stomachs.

The Slim Sleeper is Regular Pillow Sized

I love that this is regular pillow sized. It works perfectly with my old pillowcases. Granted, there is room to spare in the pillow cases because the depth of this pillow is not there, but it does work length and width wise.

The Slim Sleeper is an Excellent Pillow Topper

Sometimes, I do sleep on my side. I have found when using this and sleeping on my side, that if I put this on top of a pillow that is a smidgen too flat to be comfortable, adding this gives a lot of support to my head and helps me reach the ideal height for me while sleeping on my side.

The Slim Sleeper’s Verdict

I really like using this pillow, it has been nice to use all around. It is meant for back and stomach sleepers, but can also be a good supportive boost for those who are side sleepers.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this pillow for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Slim Sleeper Review

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Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Review
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