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Slimmin Suzie Wraps Review

Slimmin Suzie Wrap Review


Slimmin Suzie

I think the video below shows best my results, instead of listing each picture individually. It’s a 23 second video that shows before and after pictures with using just one wrap of the Slimmin Suzie. The sample that I got came with several packages as shown directly below, and some wraps, which are reusable.

Slimmin Suzie Wrap Review

The wraps are pretty easy to apply. I want to say, put the clay powder into the bowl that you are using before you add the water. If you don’t, you will have a huge mess on your hands. It still works, it just will drip the entire time you are wearing the wrap.

After the wrap was applied, and I got all wrapped up in the cellophane wrap, I basically sat in the bathtub the first time and relaxed with a book (because I added the water before the clay and was dripping). Even going about it the wrong way, I did see results. I saw an inch shaved off everywhere that the wrap had been applied, some areas a little more than that even.

I do think that this has helped somewhat kick start my stomach into getting back into shape. The muscles on my stomach were just so stretched it was hard to do anything with them. It’s been an uphill process with the muscles regaining strength, but the firming of the skin I think was a relief to them.

I want to briefly touch on how my skin felt afterwards. It did feel really silky and smooth, something I was happy about. Stretch marks cover my stomach, so having smooth skin there is usually incredibly hard to have. I have really enjoyed these wraps all around, even more so when I mixed the water and powder together the right way.

My personal results are: the wraps do work, although they might be a temporary fix for most.

You can check out this on their website HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this sample of wraps for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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