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MEDca Sleep Mask Ear Plug Review

MEDca sleep mask and ear plug set


This MEDca sleep mask and ear plug set is a really nice combo. Not only do you have the sleep mask blocking out the light with the flap at the bottom forming over the bridge of the nose, but you have ear plugs that can be stored in the head strap. The ear plugs do a pretty good job at blocking out the sound. So when you have both in, it takes a lot to get you to wake up if you decide to take a nap. I like to attempt to just rest my eyes and ears for a bit, give myself a sort of zen moment. I am a pretty light sleeper though, so a simple shrug on the shoulder or an alarm that has vibrate tends to wake me up. So without the light and noise making me wake up constantly when I do use this to sleep, I sleep longer and better.

The strap that the ear plugs reside in when not in use is extremely stretchy. The MEDca sleep mask has an adjustable strap too, which is really nice. Towards the middle of the strap, there is a place where you can adjust the strap via Velcro. This is nice because if my husband wants to use this for a quick nap during the day, he can adjust it to fit his head, and then I want to use it again it is super easy and quick to put it back to a setting that works for me.

So, overall I really like this, and I’m pretty sure that my husband does too, since I seem to have to adjust it more than I thought I would.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this MEDca sleep mask and ear plug set at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

MEDca sleep mask and ear plug set

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