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Back Posture Corrector Review

Back Posture Corrector Review

Back Posture Corrector

By: Yosoo

I want to start out by saying this is kinda uncomfortable. And by kinda, I mean you are going to want to throw this thing off at the end of wearing it. I would strongly suggest actually working up to wearing it for any length of time. That being said, the material actually works really well both ways. In my picture and video, I have it on backwards (long day). It does work either way, and there isn’t too much of a comfort difference between the two different ways. At least, not enough for me to notice!

Adjusting the posture corrector can be a little bit challenging. You will want to have it on the setting you need when you slip it on, or else you will need someone to help adjust it for you once you are wearing it. Either way works, but it is definitely easier if you have someone help adjust it for you. Taking it off, same thing. It can be done by yourself, but it is loads easier to have someone else help take it off. So I definitely recommend with this posture corrector for there to be a  team effort involved (not that it is 100% necessary).

The posture corrector can be worn both underneath clothing and over clothing. In my picture and video, I am wearing it over a camisole, but I was also wearing a shirt on top of it. No one noticed that I was wearing it, which was really nice.

Overall, I definitely have been pleased with the posture corrector. I can not stress enough though, work up to wearing it for any decent length of time. You will be sore enough with short stretches of time at first!

Back Posture Corrector Review

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Disclaimer: I did receive this posture corrector for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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