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Sushi Knife Set Review

Sushi Knife Set Review


These knives are super sharp. I was expecting sharp knives, I mean they are for sushi, but these knives were a whole other league than what I imagined that they would be. For cutting, whether it be fish, meat or anything really for that matter, the knives give clean and sharp cuts.

The handles are robust and fill my hand, yet it does not overflow. The handles are comfortable to grip, and with the weight of the knives, I do not need to grip onto it overly tightly, but can instead use a relaxed yet firm grip.

The four knives are all very different from each other. I wanted to list the length of each blade, what they are referred to as in Japanese, as well as what they would be called in English. I always wanted to give a brief rundown on how I use each knife.

Petty Knife

Sushi Knife Set Review - Petty Knife


There is a 4.5 inch blade. This blade is referred to as Petty, although to me that does not sound Japanese at all. The knife is called the Petty knife because it is a delicate work knife. It has more of a rounded edge to the blade than the other knives do, so this is for when you are working with small items and want to use quick strokes rocking back and forth. I find this knife to be a little harder to use than the Santoku, but it does work well when dicing up things.

Santoku Knife – Multipurpose Knife

Sushi Knife Set Review - Santoku Knife

There is the 6.5 inch blade. This blade is referred to as Santoku, or the multipurpose knife. This one is the most similar to the knives that I used prior to this set. The blade has a gentle curve to the edge, allowing for a rocking motion, which makes for quick chopping or dicing. This knife, in my opinion, is great for when you are wanting to chop up herbs or spices quickly, the knife has worked well for me in that aspect. It really is multipurpose though, since the blade is so sharp, it works well for the delicate work of thinly slicing the fish for sushi / sashimi.

Nakiri Knife – Vegetable Chopping Knife

Sushi Knife Set Review - Nakiri Knife

There is the 7 inch blade. This blade is referred to as Nakiri, or the vegetable chopping knife. It really does do well at chopping up vegetables in general, and this is the knife that is the most blockish in shape. The weight of the blade and handle allow for a clean slice through even tougher veggies.

Gyutou Knife – Chef’s Knife

Sushi Knife Set Review - Gyutou Knife

There is the 8 inch blade. This blade is referred to as Gyutou, or the Chef’s knife. The description says that it is for meats and vegetables, meaning, you can cut vegetables up and make a vegetarian sushi, or just use the knife in general as a meat and vegetable knife. I personally do not use this knife very often, but my husband definitely seems to like using it when doing longer cuts on vegetables or meats.

Do I recommend this sushi knife set?

Yes! I have loved several of the knives, and the ones that I do not use as frequently, my husband uses. A nice, weighted set perfect for a large variety of uses in the kitchen.

Where you can buy:

You can check out the individual Chefs knife on Amazon HERE. The full set that I reviewed can be seen on Amazon HERE.


I did receive this sushi knife set for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Sushi Knife Set Review

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