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Tripod Flashlight Review

Tripod Flashlight Review

I think the execution of the tripod flashlight is a little bit weird. It certainly is a neat idea, it just looks a little bit odd.

The flashlight attaches to the tripod on the rear end of the flashlight. There is a little area that is screwed into the tripod base. If you remove the rear end, that is where the batteries go into the flashlight, which it uses 3 AAA batteries to power the flashlight. After the cap is screwed back into place, the button on the back allows for ease of use turning the flashlight on and off.

Once the flashlight is screwed to the base of the tripod, then there is a flat disk that can be moved up to sit snugly against the flashlight, securing it and helping to steady it.

The legs of the tripod are very bendable and flexible. This makes it an ideal little tool for working say under a car, where you do not want to use one hand to hold a flashlight and the other trying to do the work two hands are usually required for. It also allows for in general, if you need a light but want to do something with both of your hands.

Would I recommend this? Overall, yes. While it does look awkward, I would recommend this, because it allows for light to shine into places that need that light, without using a hand to direct the beam there to do so.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this tripod flashlight at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tripod Flashlight Review

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