Tea Tree SimplyEarth Review

Tea Tree Simply Earth Review


Tea Tree oil is normally not something I care for. The scent is usually very over-powering. This however I can waft to my nose and it doesn’t burn. So I’m really happy over that. This essential oil has so many uses, and it is included in a lot of different beauty products.

Some common uses for Tea Tree Oil

  1. Reduces and helps with rashes, infections and acne.
  2. Can be used in kitchen cleaning supplies.
  3. Not only can it be used in the kitchen, it can be used to help clean your entire home.
  4. Sunburns. No getting around them, sunburns can really be a pain. This helps sooth and heal the skin.
  5. Fleas. Fleas are no fun either, and a little bit of this keeps them away.
  6. Tea Tree can remove mildew from clothing, so if they stay damp longer than they’re supposed to… This can help salvage them.

Tea Tree oil is great for your skin and for your house, and even your pets. There are easily more uses for this essential oil, which you can check out on this site HERE. This is definitely one essential oil that is good to have, even if you’re like me and tend to shy away from it because you don’t like the smell. This particular brand of essential oil didn’t change my mind to this oil, but it does make it nice enough that I can use it for its intended purposes, instead of getting an instant headache just from opening the amber bottle.

You can check out this essential oil by SimplyEarth on their website HERE or on Amazon HERE. Although give their website a go, they do donate part of their proceeds back to charity.

Disclaimer: I did receive this tea tree essential oil for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tea Tree Simply Earth Review

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