Topaz Watch Review

Topaz Watch Review


This watch is a really beautiful piece of machinery. The metal gleams and the leather is a rich black. The hands on this Topaz watch glide seamlessly, and keep a really nice time.  Not only does it keep track of the time, but it keeps track of the date as well (although this style you have to manually change the date if the month is off, like say February).

Setting the watch is fairly simple, the dial on the right side when you first receive it has a little piece of plastic between the dial and the Topaz watch. When you want to set the time you will need to remove that piece of plastic.

The watch band is very thick, a lot thicker than any other watch I’ve worn before. It has a suppleness to it as well. When I wear this, the band does accommodate for my more slender wrist, but it also works well with larger wrists.

The face of the watch is rather large. It absolutely swallows up my wrist. It definitely is a men’s watch, but I like how large it is, it’s definitely eye-catching. The colors on the watch make the hands on the clock really stand out, the hands bright colors while the background a deep and dark color.

One thing that I have really liked is so far while wearing this, I haven’t broken out. This is big to me, since I am allergic to some metals. The back is wide enough though and flat enough that if I do notice I start reacting to it, I can easily cover it up with clear finger nail polish. Fingers crossed I don’t have to do that though!

All in all, I definitely think this is a beautiful watch and it would make the perfect gift for someone. I know I definitely have enjoyed wearing it, and so far I haven’t broke out, which is a huge plus since I’m allergic to some metals.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive this watch for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Topaz Watch Review

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