Mobile Double Sided Whiteboard Review

Mobile Whiteboard Review


The mobile double sided whiteboard on wheels by Superior Essentials is perfect for learning the alphabet with younger children, or even just brainstorming ideas for a project. I like to use this when I am making lists, or trying to organize something. The double sided aspect of the whiteboard allows me to do that. I want to cover the whiteboard itself, from installation, to use, the magnetic aspect as well as the fact that the whiteboard is double sided. I also want to briefly touch on the customer service given by Superior Essentials.

Mobile Whiteboard Review

The Whiteboard Itself

Installation of the Whiteboard

The whiteboard overall was very easy to set up. Included with the whiteboard is a list of what should be in the box, as well as a paper with picture instructions on how to put the whiteboard together. This whiteboard comes with every single thing you would need to set it up, it even includes a little wrench and screw drivers. I definitely would recommend having two people set this up, it goes a lot easier when there are two sets of hands stabilizing it. Everything went really well together, except for the tray. The tray is directional, you will want to put the side of the tray that stick out on the side of the beam that has the Superior Essentials logo. I also want to mention, when you are peeling the protective layer off the whiteboard, it can cause quite the shock. My finger was numb from the shock that the static generated.

Mobile Whiteboard Review

Using the Whiteboard

The whiteboard is really easy to use. It is an easy surface to write on, although I would recommend steadying it on the side with your hand when you are writing. Erasing, same thing, steady it with your hand on the side. It does wipe down pretty easily, even if the dry erase marker has been up there for a few days. It actually seems to erase better if I have let it sit for an hour or so before wiping off (although, it isn’t much different writing and then immediately wiping it off).

Mobile Whiteboard Review

The Whiteboard is Magnetic

I love that this whiteboard is┬ámagnetic. My erasers that I use look like mice (the kind that you click with on a computer), and they are too large for the tray. Being that I can stick an eraser on either side makes it easy to flip the board since it has a little more weight on it (although not much). This also makes it a nice way to use my magnetic alphabet letters that I got for learning the alphabet with my twins, I don’t have to have the letters on the refrigerator in the kitchen which makes the twins that much less likely to actually BE in the kitchen when they are not supposed to.

Mobile Whiteboard Review

The Whiteboard is Double Sided

This is a really nice thing for me. I can have say magnets on one side and writing on the other. Or I can use one side of the whiteboard for my own brainstorming ideas or lists and the other side can be for the twins. There are so many ways to use the duel sides, and it is incredibly easy to switch between the sides. You would just need to press down on the black piece in the middle of the support beam that is in the middle of the frame, and it will rotate around almost on its own. I would recommend having it flip so the front of the board goes around on the top, it seems to latch easier from that direction, although it does latch the other way as well (you just need to either apply enough of a swing or force on the black piece in the middle).

Mobile Whiteboard Review

Customer Service

I want to include a little portion on the customer service given to me by Superior Essentials. I was blown away with how prompt the seller was at responding to my questions, and when I had an issue with a couple of screws going missing (they are very unique screws), they sent them out to me and provided the tracking so that I could see when the replacement pieces would arrive. I was also told that they would be securing the boards with an extra precaution during shipping so that others who were to order would hopefully not ever have the same issue again. The seller Superior Essentials went above and beyond in my opinion, and I have been thoroughly impressed by their actions.

Mobile Whiteboard Review

Where Can You Find this Whiteboard?

You can check out this whiteboard on Amazon HERE.


Yes, I definitely would recommend this. From ordering to set up to using, this has been an amazing experience and I think this would be perfect in almost any home that has the room for it.


I did receive this whiteboard for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Mobile Double Sided Whiteboard Review
  1. Amanda says:

    I definitely need one of these in my life

  2. What a great review! I can see so many uses for that whiteboard! The video is great and I really appreciate seeing it along with the photos. I was glad to see the information on the customer service as well. That is good to know considering I am in the market for one of these whiteboards.

  3. Jacquelyn Sturges says:

    Wow! Thank you for all of the great ideas for whiteboard uses! very inspiring.

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