Yummi Food Pouches Review


The style of the Yummi food pouches is one that is different than others that I have. Some food pouches that I have, they open on the bottom and the spout on the top. These however are different. These have an opening on the top with a spout on the side.

The front of the pouch is very straight to the point, it has the “no spoon required Yummi pouch” front and center. Below that it keeps things simple with the words “Rinse   Refill   Reuse   Great for grab-and-go snacks!”

Since this is a slick pouch, the back can be wrote on again and again, and wiped clean. There is an area for the date, contents, and it has a fill line so that you do not over fill it (trust me, overfilling a food pouch and popping it in the freezer is a DISASTER that you do not want to replicate, trust me…). Below that, it says “Reusable & Refillable Food Pouch” then proceeds to list the pros and a caution of the food pouch.

*Dishwasher and freezer safe

*Great for on-the-go snacks

*BPA-free and Phthalate-free

*6 ounce capacity

*Microwaving not recommend

Below that is written “Do not overfill. Contents may expand in freezer. Remove cap before use and keep out of the reach of children ages 3 and under.” It then includes the batch number, where it was made, a link to their website, and an e-mail if you should need to contact them.

Overall, the food pouches are easy to fill, they are easy to use, and perfect for adults and toddlers alike. My twins can handle these like pros, and it is perfect for when I need an on-the-go yogurt snack without the fuss of bringing the bulky yogurt pack and a spoon. I definitely recommend these.

You can check out this on Amazon HERE or on the Yummi site HERE.

Disclaimer: I did receive the Yummi food pouches for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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