Zubels for the Holidays Review

Zubels for the Holidays Review

.These toys from Zubels are so cute. The knit is extremely tight and even on them, I was really impressed. The label that comes with it says 100% hand knit, and that honestly shocks me. I know I would never be able to knit this tightly, nor this evenly. I’m lucky if I can knit anything at all! This is very soft and lightweight, a perfect cuddle buddy. I really am impressed with this, it is perfect way to have a toy soldier during the holidays with little ones without worrying about it shattering.

I did receive three little toys from Zubels. There is a red toy soldier, a miniature Santa, and a reindeer. The toy soldier and the reindeer are about the same size, and a very good size for what would normally be called a doll. The Santa on the other hand fits in the palm of my hand. Santa feels like he weighs the most though, he definitely is the most solid feeling of the bunch. The toy soldier and the reindeer move freely and feel very lightweight.

Even after my twins played with them for hours, every single one of them still looked amazing. They did get a little dirty but cleaning them up was a cinch.

I really am impressed by these toys by Zubels, they are cute and positively perfect! Perfect for the holidays but also as a year around toy, because what little kid doesn’t like playing with toy soldiers and reindeer? These definitely were made to last.

You can check out this on their website HERE. There is definitely a lot more selection to Zubels than the 3 products that I showed!

Disclaimer: I did receive these for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Zubels for the Holidays Review

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